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IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, is the home of all things urban. We love cities and work passionately for their development. Moreover, we are happy to welcome talented and driven individuals, who want to extend their expertise in the sphere of urban management and development.

In a nutshell, urban management is a very complex field that encompasses strategies, activities and instruments that make a city work.

What does it mean for a city to work? It can mean that its infrastructure is accessible and functional, that the needed resources and services are available and divided in an equitable manner to the population, that interests of the different stakeholders, especially of the inhabitants, are well represented and count in the decision making process and in future developments. For a city to work, one needs solid policies that allow and regulate investments, partnerships and developments of different kinds. 

This 12 month master programme provides a unique opportunity for professionals and bachelor graduates to invest in their future. With participants from more than 45 different countries, international, high profile guest lecturers, a unique training methodology and six different specialisations, this MSc programme will provide you with the tools to make cities work. Besides that, experiencing student life and the campus facilities of Erasmus University will be a great addition to your time spent in Rotterdam!


You can choose between six different specialisations! The specialisation period is made up of two blocks, that last five weeks each. During this time, you will be confronted with a multidisciplinary approach to your area, by combining lectures with more hands-on activities, such as workshops, simulation games, seminars and group work. In this time, you will interact more with your colleagues and with the lecturers.

Over 9000 IHS graduates from all over the world are making cities work every day! 

The IHS alumni work mostly in the public sector (45%), but also in the educational sector (20%) and private sector (12%). 38% of them are architects or urban planners, managers/coordinators of a company (34%), directors in a company or institution (30%) and 21% are lecturers/researchers/professors or PhD candidates.


The rest of them are heads of department, chiefs of projects or team leaders, consultants, advisers or analysts. Out of the IHS alumni, only 1,48% were unemployed at the moment when the survey was conducted. 

student life at Erasmus University Rotterdam
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