Fees & Rotterdam living costs

Studying at IHS involves various kinds of costs. Below you can see an overview. Besides the tuition fee and application-related costs, you also should consider living costs. During your stay in the Netherlands, you must have a health insurance. IHS can arrange health insurance for you through IPS insurance, a company that provides international coverage. That costs around €1.30 per day or €37 per month.​

If you pay the tuition fee before June 1, 2018, you can benefit from a discount of €1000 from the tuition fee. This also helps you secure a spot in the programme.

Funding options & scholarships

While studying abroad is one of the most exciting learning opportunities one can take, funding can be difficult, so it's always good to take enough time for searching the most suitable options. We advise you to start working towards this about 6 months in advance.

What kind of funding can you get?

1. private or family savings

2. bank loan

3. employer staff development budget

4. fellowships from governments or other donors.

Choose a scholarship that suits you!

Do you want more detailed information, more scholarships to choose from or scholarship search portals? Have a look at the fellowship leaflet below!

Did you set your mind on applying? You are just one step away! If you checked all the information we provided and you still have some questions, you can contact us for more clarifications.

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