Safety in the Netherlands

According to OECD, which stands for The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Netherlands is generally described as one of the most secure countries in Europe. In order to combat crime rates, the Dutch law enforcement authorities have implemented fundamental changes related to community safety that resulted in a significant reduction of violent crime rates over the last decade.

Therefore, personal security in the Netherlands receives a particular attention, as it represents the basis for an individual’s well being. According to Numbeo, the world’s largest database about cities and countries worldwide, as of 2016 the Netherlands’ safety index has enjoyed a steady improvement and now ranks number 14 out of 39 European entries. The evaluations are based on combining the average of both crime and safety lists, which are subject to careful monitoring.

It must be mentioned though that, as indicated by the Dutch National Police, pickpockets and other thieves’ activity still plays its negative role that affects ensuring the overall’s public safety. As a result, these are transport hubs such as central train stations that are targeted the most. In case of any emergency assistance, it is advisable to call 112.

In response to reducing road accidents, political and social developments of the 1970s have played a significant role in improving cycling infrastructure of the Netherlands. Nowadays, around 27% of all trips in the country are carried out by bicycle. Accordingly, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment highly recommends wearing a helmet, as incidents involving bicyclists and other road users occur each year.

Overall, the Netherlands has developed conscious safety awareness and is eager to implement relevant measures aimed at further security improvement for the country’s residents.

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