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IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam!

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) is an international education, advisory and research centre of Erasmus University Rotterdam, part of the School of Economics (ESE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS).

In 2004, IHS became part of the high-ranking Erasmus University Rotterdam, offering post-graduate education programmes, like the MSc in Urban Management and Development, tailor made courses, short courses and a PhD programme in urban development and governance.

Supporting city changers

Cities are in a state of unprecedented change. Nowadays, the majority of the population is concentrated in cities and by 2030, urban areas are expected to triple in surface. As urban specialists, we understand that cities are the economic engines of the world, fostering business opportunities, outstanding technological developments, cultural transformations and social, community-fueled innovations.


In the midst of urbanization processes, IHS tries to support local governments and leaders, who need a framework to implement their vision, manage change and find leverage points for sustainable urban development and improvement of urban life quality.


Based in the Netherlands, IHS started with a dedicated team of professionals that laid down the foundation of a new Rotterdam, after being devastated after the war. Since then, together with our large network of partners and over 8500 alumni worldwide, we’ve been continuing our mission of city-changers, in the heart of urban development and on the field. 

Urban experts from IHS travel to a wide array of countries, providing advisory services to local and regional governments, facilitating capacity building and growth. Our lecturers, students and alumni are excellent professionals, developing and managing urban projects and initiatives all over the world.

Areas of urban expertise

The main specialisations and expertise areas at IHS include: land development, infrastructure, environment and climate change, housing and livelihoods, planning and strategies, competitiveness and resilience.

The core of IHS

At IHS, we champion this cause by providing capacity building, advisory, research and training services, specialising in developing countries and emerging economies. These areas are interconnected and their "cross-fertilization" ensures accurate inputs and real study cases in the make-up of our educational programmes. 

For further details about IHS, please visit our official website: www.ihs.nl

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IHS, institute for housing and urban development studies

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